Carsmetology Dealerships

Our detailers, your shop! For years Carsmetology has been providing top of the line auto detailing for dealerships. Carsmetology is dedicated to your success. Let our well capitalized highly trained team go to work for you. Carsmetology’s on-site detailing offers you the convenience of:

Every dealership needs a plan catered to them. Let us build you a well oiled detailing machine to get your inventory turned ASAP! Schedule a consultation today to become a Carsmetology Dealership!

Carsmetology Dealership Services

New Vehicle Prep

Carsmetology has been detailing new vehicles since 1979. Carsmetology will be involved in the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) program. It is our goal to achieve a 100% CSI on the cleanliness of new vehicles every time. Carsmetology handles a variety of paint sealant, and interior applications of the customer’s choice. All new vehicles are prepped from the manufacture placed in position for lot display. All new car deliveries following a final clean are brought to a proper delivery area for “Hood and Truck” process. Carsmetology will inspect, and wipe down to our White Glove Delivery process.

Pre-owned vehicle prep

All trade-in, and purchased vehicles will be detailed and maintained on daily basis. Carsmetology uses the best possible cleaning products in the industry for all our detailing operations. Scratch removal, and applying paint, and interior protections using all the latest power buffing machines. Seats, dashboards, all Interiors surfaces are completely cleaned and detailed under the hood and truck. Carsmetology will deliver a clean vehicle to each retail customer.

Full Service Detailing

Carsmetology will work with each Service department to set up, and maintain a complete full exterior and interior detail program for service customers. Wash, wax, shampoo, vacuum, and wheels polished. Carsmetology’s goal is to participate in each service customer survey in regards to the cleanliness of their vehicle after service. Carsmetology has multiple options for available service wash programs.

Fixed cost

All services are provided for an agreed upon fixed cost. Heads cost money, and Carsmetology detail solution has allowed dealers across the nation to refocus valuable employees that drive revenue.

Weekly wash programs

Carsmetology staff performs weekly lot washes in all of the visible display areas. Maintain new and pre-owned inventory from cradle to grave.

Featured vehicles

Carsmetology staff will wipe down, and maintain all display vehicles in showrooms and all display areas on a daily basis. High exposure areas may have more attention.

Qualified Personnel

Each location will be staffed with trained, experienced personnel. Personnel will be provided to work the necessary hours of operations including nights, Saturdays, and Sundays. A flexible staffing solution will provide increased personnel when business is at its peak

Management On-Site

Professional on site management will be provided, and available to cover 100% of the retail hours. All Carsmetology location management will report to an Area, and regional manager. Your needs will always be our first priority. Our goal is to exceed expectations. Management will communicate with local personnel daily to maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction.



$ 1
per vehicle
  • Carsmetology Dealerships


$ 2
per vehicle
  • Non-Carsmetology Dealerships