Make Over

#2 Make Over–$249.99

Carsmetology technicians will perform a full reset
on your vehicle. Inside and out your vehicle will be restored as close to
showroom clean as possible, this is our most popular offering. This
package includes:

  • Exterior hand wash including tires, wheels, and door jams.
  • Perform a clay bar treatment on all painted surfaces to remove any contamination to prep for proper protection.
  • Removal of all bugs, tar, and tree sap contamination.
  • Apply a coat of synthetic sealant to the exterior of the vehicle, which provides up to one year of protection from the elements.
  • Windows cleaned inside and out.
  • Gloss tires and door seals.
  • Blow out and vacuum all interior fabrics.
  • Perform a full shampoo service on all fabrics to remove embedded dirt and stains. Clean and condition all leather surfaces.
  • Clean and condition all interior plastics. (Conditioning is optional).

This package will provide up to 4 hours of service, if additional time is
needed there may be an upcharge.