Carsmetology is proud to offer the ceramic coating products from Ceramic Pro. There are many options available to the consumer. After in-depth research with the owners and developers, we have come to the conclusion and are confident this is the best choice for our customers. Some of the greatest benefits of the ceramic coatings are that they help to prevent oxidation, provides extra protection against bird droppings, atmospheric pollutants, mineral deposits, road grit, grime, salt, tar and help to reduce the unwelcome scratches all while adding the deepest shine to your vehicle.


Carsmetology Coating specializes in custom installations of high end coatings for your vehicle to help increase the life, aesthetic, value and safety of your investment. Our installers are highly trained and certified to ensure the end result is completed properly for effective protection and long term return


Industry-grade ceramic coating is a polymer based chemical compound that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from external factors that create paint damage. Applied by hand, the chemical components blend with the paint of the vehicle creating an additional hydrophobic and protective layer that lasts up to 5 years.