Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing
Window Tinting

Complete List of Window Tinting Services

A-La Carte
  • Carpet Shampoo$60
      Shampoo and scrub your carpets to get the dirt and stains out.
  • Synthetic Sealant$30
      A Non-breathable sealer that bonds to the paint creating a tight micro seal. Provides up to a year of protection
  • Fabric Protection$30
      Apply fabric protection to all interior cloth
  • Tar and Sap removal$15
      Remove all tar and sap from paint
  • Engine Cleaning$30
      Degrease and condition engine bay
  • Ozone Treatment$50
      Ozone Treatment to help remove extreme odors
  • Headlight Rejuvenation$40
      Sand, Polish, and Seal faded headlights

Shuttle Services Available: $5.00 to start and .50 per mile.

Discounts available to law enforcement, fire and rescue, and military.