Sell Your Car/Lease Turn In

Sell Your Car/Lease Turn In–$249

Getting the most of your retiring vehicle has never been easier. We offer services to photo your ride once the detailing is completed in our professional photo booth, or get your vehicle up to standard before it goes back to the dealership. This package includes:

  • Exterior hand wash including tires, wheels, and door jams.
  • Perform a clay bar treatment on all painted surfaces to remove any contamination to prep for proper protection.
  • Removal of all bugs, tar, and tree sap contamination.
  • Apply a coat of carnuba wax to the exterior of the vehicle, which provides up to six months of protection from the elements.
  • Windows cleaned inside and out.
  • Gloss tires and door seals.
  • Blow out and vacuum all interior fabrics.
  • Perform a full shampoo service on all fabrics to remove embedded dirt and stains. Clean and condition all leather surfaces.
  • Clean and condition all interior plastics. (Conditioning is optional)
  • Take 25 pictures in our professional photo booth and send them to you via email OR Remove any light scratches or apply touch paint to any deeper scratches

This package provides up to 5 hours of service, if additional time is needed there may be an upcharge.